2022 Ford Maverick: A Compact Pickup with Surprising Features

By: Miller Hughes Ford Cornwall   |   24 Jul 2022

Maverick is Ford's name for their newest pickup truck. The name was initially assigned to a compact car produced in the 1970s but has since been forgotten. The new and improved Ford Maverick is a small pickup truck that falls below the Ranger and the F-150 in Ford's lineup. This truck was built on the same platform as the Ford Escape, a compact sport utility vehicle.

While the Maverick might be considered more of an Escape in pickup truck form than a mini-version of the F-150, this vehicle's capabilities are more than sufficient to prove that it is not a disguise. Intrigued? Here are just some of the things you need to know about the 2022 Ford Maverick.

How Comfortable Is the Ford Maverick?

There is no other word to describe the comfort level of this vehicle except impressive. The seats are supportive and adjustable with a screen, a feature that is uncommon in smaller trucks.

The Maverick has the same speakers throughout the vehicle, a feature found in the more expensive F-150. The cargo space is roomy enough for any activity, from grocery shopping to house building.

How Does the Ford Maverick Handle Itself on the Road?

As a compact pickup truck, the Maverick is lighter than a full-size pickup truck, making it easier to manoeuvre than the F-150 and the Ranger. The Maverick XL and XLT have 13.8 Gallons on 2.5L Hybrid and 16.5 Gallons on 2.0L Gas Ecoboost of fuel capacity that will make you unstoppable on the go.

What Engine Does the Maverick Have?

The Maverick has a 2.0L Gasoline or 2.5L Hybrid engine paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The engine has a maximum output of 278 horsepower, which is not as powerful as the F-150 but is still better than the Ranger. A unique feature of this engine is that when you are driving slowly, the engine runs in electric mode to save on gas.

How Does the Ford Maverick’s Interior Look?

The Ford Maverick goes above and beyond what is expected from a traditional pickup truck. The inside of the vehicle is roomy, and the seats are supportive. The Maverick's dashboard and touch screen are comparable to the F-150, and the steering wheel is equipped with several technological gadgets, including Bluetooth and hands-free navigation. 

How Much Legroom Does the Ford Maverick Have?

The vehicle floor is spacious, which is another feature uncommon in smaller trucks. The seats are big, which can be adjusted to two different positions. The Ford Maverick has a Maximum Leg Room - Accelerator of 42.8 inches, which is more than enough for even the tallest passengers. The second-row seats are even more spacious, coming in at 35.9 inches of legroom. The cargo area is also significant, coming in at 33.3 cubic feet.

Test Drive the 2022 Ford Maverick at Cornwall Ford!

Although the Maverick's engine is smaller and less potent than the F-150 and Ranger, this vehicle should not be underestimated. The comfort, legroom, and other features make it a car in a league of its own. This compact pickup truck would be a great option if you want to go camping or if your job requires you to drive long distances.

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