Custom Options for Your Ford F-150

By: Miller Hughes Ford Cornwall   |   31 Aug 2022

As Canada’s best-selling pickup year after year, Cornwall residents know that when it comes to tough hauling for work or for play, the Ford F-150 is king. With its powerful performance and legendary truck bed that can handle pretty much anything, this truck means business. Additionally, with a design that remains unmatched by competitors, your Ford F-150 was made for high-performing custom accessories. Fortunately for you and your rig, here at Cornwall Ford, we carry every kind of accessory and upgrade conceivable for your truck. Check out some of our best-selling custom options for your F-150, including accessories, mods, upgrades, and more!

F-150 Bed Products


One unique way to enhance your new F-150 is through the addition of different bed products. F-150 accessories like these make hauling cargo easier and more secure. These add-on Ford truck parts also help keep the bed of your pickup protected from damage. A few popular Ford accessories for the F-150 truck bed include:

  • Sports bar in polished stainless steel
  • Bed slides for different-sized beds
  • Bed covers in various formats (hard, soft roll-up, different colours, etc.)
  • Bed cargo illumination
  • Retractable side steps
  • Cargo bed sling organizer
  • Bed mats and bed liners
  • Bed rails
  • Bed rack
  • Bed net
  • Bed extender
  • Bed hooks
  • Bed divider 

F-150 Exterior Accessories


From functionality to style, the exterior F-150 truck accessories available ensure that Cornwall drivers can make an impression while also getting the job done. No matter if you want to upgrade your F-150 lights or add a touch of unique style with various Ford truck parts for the exterior, there are numerous ways to do just that. Below is a comprehensive-but not exhaustive-list of the Ford F-150 accessories that are highly requested at our service centre:

  • Tailgate bike holder
  • Fender flares
  • Wheel lip moulding
  • Side window deflectors
  • Paddleboard, canoe, and snowsport carriers, as well as cargo boxes
  • Exhaust tip
  • Side moulding and other exterior trim kits
  • Door moulding
  • Trailer tow mirrors
  • Tow hooks and receivers
  • Spoiler
  • Splash guards
  • Hood deflector
  • Camping tent

In addition to these exterior Ford F-150 accessories, Cornwall drivers also have access to a variety of options for their wheels, including wheel locks and enhanced wheels.

F-150 Interior Accessories

The F-150 interior is well equipped as is, but a few Ford accessories are great for taking things up a notch. These Ford accessories can add excitement to your daily drives, keep the interior in pristine condition, and make commuting even more convenient. 

  • Floor mats (made with different materials and in various colours)
  • Floor liners
  • Seat covers
  • Door sill plates
  • Cargo organizers
  • In-vehicle safe
  • Audio upgrades
  • Dash-cam
  • Vehicle security system
  • Remote start system
  • Wireless charging
  • Rear seat entertainment system

Lift Kits

While we've already highlighted a number of the best F-150 accessories, it's important to note that lift and levelling kits count as accessories, too, and they can make a big difference in terms of the look and feel of your pickup truck. Lift kits have the capacity to increase ground clearance for even bigger tires and heavy-duty off-roading, while a levelling kit allows for a slight height increase for larger tires and daily driving around Depew. 

Whether your ultimate goal is to make your truck more practical and take advantage of its utility or simply to show off your personal style, here at Cornwall Ford, we have numerous F-150 accessories to get the job done! Browse our parts and accessories department today, and our service centre will get your F-150 suited up in no time!





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